Netrusk 112 users 62 channels more info.
Is a french street network, created around trashes.Principalement francophone, il accueille aussi quelques canaux de discussion dans d'autres langues.A smaller, friendlier, family orientated chat environment voyeur asiatico cam with a professional and courteous staff.T t is a general content network that has many channels for countries areas and general interest.T, established in 2002, Rizon is a community of diverse channels with something for everyone.DAirc 276 users 144 channels more info.Les administrateurs ne sont pas sectaires.Techtronix 156 users 45 channels more info.Come join us on the moon!
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All minorities can come and squatt our grimy servers!LibraIRC 538 users 303 channels more info.InfraMonde 235 users 159 channels more info.StarChat 237 users 104 channels more info.PowaneT 93 users 48 channels more info.T Netrusk est un petit rÃseau IRC, fondà par un groupe d'amis qui cherchaient un endroit calme pour discuter tranquillement.UnitedChat 383 users 360 channels more info.